In rural Sumter County, just off Highway 11, where the chocolate soil of the Black Belt meets the coastal plain, lies P-Arrow Plantation, a hunter's, fisherman's, and wildlife conservationist's dream. The owners labor of love consists of 2500 acres of managed wildlife preserve with such species as bobwhite quail, whitetail deer, doves, and largemouth trophy bass. As a result of the owner’s intense management of the wildlife on his property, he has created an ideal arena for forestry and nature conservation.

The owners wanted to give something back to the land and also provide a service for people who are interested in hunting, fishing, and wildlife conservation, but don't necessarily have the luxury readily available to them.

Throughout the property the owner’s efforts for wildlife and nature conservation are easily noticeable. The hedgerows, consisting of numerous types of bushes and trees, serve a dual purpose, not only providing a vital source of food and cover for wildlife, but also preventing erosion and promoting the conservation of forests. Deer feeders and bird feeders alike generously pock mark the property which promotes a healthier and more abundant wildlife population and relieve some of the stress placed upon wild foliage by the growing number of wildlife present at P-Arrow.

P-Arrow also features over 100 acres of lakes stocked full of Florida, Northern, and Hybrid largemouth bass, which have churned out trophies as big as 15 lbs. Ten pound and 12 pound fish are caught on a regular basis. What makes P-Arrow's fishing unique is that all their fish are released so that they may continue to increase the number of fish available.

There are few places today that give the appearance of old Southern hospitality, and fewer still that provide more than just the appearance. P-Arrow not only provides more than the appearance of Southern hospitality, it also provides more than just the appearance of a conservation friendly environment. P-Arrow Plantation is providing an unrivaled service to the forests, the wildlife, and the people who enjoy them now and, thanks to people like him, will enjoy them for many years to come.

3 bed rooms /3 baths
(1) king
(1) queen
& (1) twin
and a loft with a king and a full bed and a full bath room

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We also offer

  • horse back riding
  • pool
  • nature trail
  • and hot tub